Your accounts, done!

We are a niche accounting firm that provides an efficient, friendly and technically-sound service while endeavoring to make accounting, tax and all that goes with it understandable to our clients.

We fully understand how daunting debits, credits, assets and liabilities, provisional tax, income tax, payroll taxes and all those other things can be to the business owner and we make it our mission to remove that stress from our clients, while allowing them the opportunity to understand at all times WHY we are doing things the way we are. What a link will look like.

We firmly believe that the accounting function should be a collaboration between our clients and our staff and this is the root of our relationship with our clients.

We strive to provide a comprehensive service from the start of the accounting cycle as part of our “Outsourced Financial Manager” function, right through to compilation and review of year end accounts as well as looking after the personal tax affairs of business owners and their families.

We’re About Consulting

desk with laptop, notepad and cofeeConsulting is a big word.  There is no way to define what it is that we do here because what we do is entirely shaped and moulded by the requirements of the businesses we deal with.  Some businesses are large and need accounting systems designed that ensure that accounting information is processed timeously and accurately.  Others are small and need a helping hand in understanding how their accounting function should be run.  Still others are wishing to find the most tax-effective way to structure their business deals or to get the value out of their businesses.

Then there are the people behind the businesses.  They want to know that they are looked after and are providing adequately for their loved ones.

At Unicorn Financial Consulting, we thrive on facing different challenges on a daily basis and on collaborating with businesses and business owners to arrive at the most efficient solution to their specific situation.  We firmly believe that there is no such things as a “One-size-fits-all” answer and commit to working out a workable solution to your specific requirements.

unicorn financial servicesWe Use Xero

Unicorn Financial Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a proud Xero partner.

Xero is an online accounting system which allows you to do all your daily and monthly processing online at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an accounting package.

We provide support and training for all clients moving to the Xero system. Click on the Xero logo below for more details on this “Beautiful Accounting Software”.

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